You Have Anti-Spyware, Do You Have Anti-Dreamware?

There are two types of people in this world, other than the haves and the have not’s. The first type is the person that sees an opportunity whether for themselves or someone else and intentionally or just out of habit come up with every what if, maybe or how, they could think of as to the reasons why a new idea or business might not work.

The second type of person is the one that comes up with those same what if’s, maybe or how, they can think of as to what the possibilities could be if the new idea or business does work.

The manner in which an individual learns to communicate while relating to the world through their feelings and ideas affects what that person does. Their actions by default have a great influence on their thoughts, needs and emotions.

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As the person with the new idea you must guard it. Not because someone may steal it, because even if they did, without your passion and creativity the stolen ideas will stall. So you guard against the “Dream Killers”.

Dream Killers are the ones that project their own self-limiting thoughts and feelings onto you, hoping they stick. As a rule you should share your ideas and dreams with those that have similar or even different dreams. In times of doubt or weariness you can be motivation for one another and support until you get through your valley. You can intercepting text messages without accessing the target mobile phone easy

Most fortune 500 companies are run by men and women who have similar traits. Most of them did not attend Ivey League schools and are risk takers. They have a history of doing things in an ordered, disciplined manner, while paying attention to detail. Have a plan, but stay open to new directions and possibilities for that plan.

So while some people encourage you to fly higher and soar longer, there will always be their polar opposite that wants you on the ground to walk with them. The truth is it is just as lonely at the bottom as it is at the top. Choose your position.

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