Malicious Wares on Rampage: Adware, Spyware, and Anti-Viruses

Funny as it sounds, average computer users think adwares, spywares, and computer viruses are all the same like a can of beans.
They may have similarities, but the way these pesky applications work are very different from each other.

And if you are to combat these malicious programs and keep your computer safe and sound, knowing the in’s and out’s of how adwares, spywares, and computer viruses do their dirty job. Go to this site: how to hack android phone

Let’s have a look.

Spywares – The Evil James Bond Of Your PC

Staying true to its name, a spyware…well spies for critical information stored in your computer.

Although this malicious software does NOT harm your PC on purpose, spywares construct information bridges that allow someone aside from the computer owner to be in touch with the computer and access information.

– Key-logging

– Critical files on your hard drive

– Web cookies

That’s just some of the information spyware stores and sends to the guy who planted it in the first place.

No wonder A LOT of people DETEST them – they’re very intrusive.

Adwares – Advertisers Under Radar

So you hate salespeople and telemarketers calling you even at the weirdest times of the day?

Get this: adwares could be peskier than them!

Adwares usually come packaged with legitimate freewares (trial or evaluation versions) and they’re installed automatically (and without you knowing!) along with the downloaded free or shareware.

Here are some warning signs:

– Pesky and unrelated pop-ups that crop up all the time

– You internet browser’s home page has been changed to the site being promoted by the adware

– You overall computer’s speed has annoyingly and dramatically slowed down.

If you’re experiencing any or all of the above warning signs, it’s best to get your PC scanned for these cyber pests!

Computer Viruses: The MOST Destructive Of Them All

Destructive – if there is one word to describe this form of malicious software, this would be a perfect fit.

Very much like how an organic virus works, its cyber version is intended to replicate and infect anything – files, registry records…ANYTHING that it comes contact with. Visit the up coming post: how to hack android phone

In simpler terms – to spread chaos within your computer system!

Nowadays, there are packaged software and applications that give you overall protection against these 3 pesky and destructive wares.

They include:

– Firewall (to block spywares)

– Anti-adware scanning application

– Anti-virus

It’s a matter of choosing the MOST feature-packed and user-friendly option that suits you needs as a computer user.