5 Spy Apps Can spy on your husband without him knowing

A spy app is something special.

It is superb if you want to act like a secret agent and to know something more about someone.

If we add smartphones to the equation, we end up with powerful tools capable of discovering secrets of individuals all over the planet.

Now we have 5 apps which offer you precisely that. Yes, the best part is their price. They are free!

  1. Copy9

You will have to like this phone spy app.

Yes, there are plenty of apps for the same purpose, and perhaps the similar user interface, but this one is the best.

What makes it stand out from the crowd is a motion sensor.

The camera of your phone will enter the look recording, but it will actually record the video only when the movement is detected.

The turn is black and the phone is muted when the app is activated.


  • Records videos after the motion sensor is activated
  • Cannot be detected
  • Video recording is automatically activated


  • Long video recording activation
  • If you lock a phone with power button the app will exit
  1. MxSpy

MxSpy is an app which allows you to send and receive messages which will be deleted after a specific time frame.

Obviously, both members of the conversation must have the same app.

Deleting time can be easily adjusted and the messages cannot be recovered.

The user interface is made to look like spy app , which is an advantage.


  • Timer for deleting messages
  • User interface
  • Relatively easy to use
  • App is reliable


  • Common ‘’Server error’’ issues
  • Only works when used with a user who also uses the same app
  1. 9SpyApps

What if you are a person who wants to become a real secret agent?

In that case, this app is just right.

While others are more purpose-focused, this app does so many things and it is advertised as a full toolset for spies.

There are so many features here, but we will include the most important ones.

First, there is a voice recording feature, which is concealed.

Then you get the ability to use temperature, pressure and etc. measuring tools.

The camera allows you to record in infrared and to analyze the spectrum.

GPS and GLONASS capabilities are super as well.

Overall, this is the app which every single spy must have or at least try.


  • Infrared capability
  • Supports GPS and GLONASS
  • Even free app is loaded with features
  • Can record sound
  • Additional tools


  • Pro version isn’t affordable
  • There are so many ads
  • Confusing user interface
  1. Secret Calls

This is another app which is developed for those who want to become secret agents.

The spy phone app in question will hide the contact icon of your phone and permanently delete all information regarding the incoming and outcoming calls as soon as the conversation is ended.

In order to access the contact list, you will have to enter a password (4 digits).

This is a highly desirable app if you want to protect your contacts and your calls.


  • Small and effective
  • Password cannot be penetrated
  • There are no issues with the compatibility


  • There are no advanced features
  • Doesn’t hide calls when a private number calls you
  1. Secret Agent Fake Call

This isn’t the conventional mobile spy software, but it has its advantages.

In essence, the app allows you to set the fake call.

A phone will ring with pre-chosen voice message, so it will look you have a real call.

This allows you to get out of a room and start spying.

Still, the main purpose of this app will be fun, but user imagination can make a true difference here.

This is all what the apps allows you at the moment.


  • Pre-recorded voice messages
  • Accurate timer for fake calls
  • Very reliable


  • Interface is annoying
  • Only one feature is available


A mobile spy app with useful features, modern interface, and useful capabilities is here on the list.

As a matter of fact, we have prepared 5 of them, so be free to choose the one you like the most.

For us, all of them are great.